📣Marketing Question of the Day
How can we create a captive audience⁉️⁉️
Today I’m in the middle of doing my civic duty. You know what I mean… JURY DUTY👨‍⚖️.
I was expecting to be bored most of the time but early on I saw something fascinating. You see within the jury waiting area is a cafe called “Don’s Coffee ☕️ Spot”. All the food is pretty awful and boring but there is a gem 💎 there…it’s Don!
He has to be one of the happiest 😁 owners of a boring coffee shop that I’ve ever seen in my life. Greeting every customer and joking about jury duty.
Why is this man so happy…he is making some serious MONEY💵🤑.
He has what we all dream of…A CAPTIVE AUDIENCE!!!
Every day he has over 200 people who have to be there…by law. They have very little to do but wait around and grab a 🍔 bite or a drink. Plus he has no competition. He’s the only game in town. What a luxury!
Most of us out there in the business world don’t have this luxury. We have to sweat😓 it out and get our message across with all the other businesses.
So my marketing question of the day is…
How can we create a captive audience for our businesses⁉️
Is it through content? Is it through Facebook Groups? Have you done it at networking events or business expos. Maybe it was speaking engagements.
Let me know your thoughts for this burning question while I eat my 🥓Bacon, 🥚Egg, & 🧀Cheese that I just paid $5 for.
Seriously $5💸 no wonder he’s so happy!