Our Process

How we run our projects.


Before beginning development we will meet with you to ensure we fully understand your strategy and website goals. We will also review any other material you think may be useful to us. This will help us to present information in a clear and succinct manner on your site. We’ll prepare a detailed project plan to ensure the project stays on budget and is delivered on time.

Site Design & Illustration

Based on our understanding and fact gathering in Phase I, we will prepare a home page design. We will structure your home pages to create a clean, visually appealing page layout with intuitive site navigation and links to key sections. Your home page will also include a quick search feature so visitors can quickly find content and services.

We will post the prototype page layout on our staging server for you to view. You will have an opportunity to suggest up to three rounds of revisions to ensure your complete satisfaction. For visual images we can use images that you provide or you may select from online stock photography libraries.

We will incorporate your suggestions into a final page layout and ask you to sign off on this design. At the end of this phase you will see how your home page and site navigation will appear.


We will prepare your new site ensuring a consistent look and feel throughout. Within your site we will incorporate elegant, professional page layouts to reinforce your brand and provide visitors with a very favorable impression of your company, your listings and your services. We will also ensure that your site is easy to use for both your audience and your staff.

Site Usability

We will design your site for maximum ease of use. In designing your site navigation we will assume users are not proficient with web technologies. We will implement intuitive navigation that allows site visitors to access most, if not all, pages with just one or two mouse clicks. We will convey a strong and reassuring message of quality and authority throughout. All pages will be designed so they load quickly.

Content Management System

We will incorporate a full content management system (CMS) into your site so that you may add/edit/delete pages and content at any time.

We will set up your content management system and include content as you make it available to us. We will upload pages to our staging server as they become available. In this phase we will also develop the search capabilities. You will have an opportunity to review and suggest changes.

At the end of this phase your site will be complete. All page content will be available for final review on our staging server and we will ask for any final changes. Once we complete your suggested changes we will ask you to sign-off on your site.

This phase will be completed at the end of the fifth week of development.


Upon sign off we will upload your site, upon your go-ahead, to a live web server. If you decide to host your site with us we will also set up all your e-mail accounts. Once your site is live we will prepare an xml site map and submit to Google, Yahoo and Bing to enable your entire site to be indexed by their respective search spiders.